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Bonte Photo Books
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How do I contact Bonté for assistance?
We're here and ready to help! Just make sure to check out all of our FAQ's first for questions that might already be answered. Answers make life so much simpler. Or if you've got a super hard question (or easy, we like easy questions too) contact customer service directly here. You can expect a response within 24-48 hours.

How much does a Bonté book cost?
Bonté Book prices can be found on our pricing page. The minimum page count is 20 and the maximum is 160. Have a crazy idea for a custom book? We're up for the challenge! Check out our self-publish section or just email us with your vision and Bonté can make it brilliant!


How long will shipping/production take?
Typically 3-5 days for ground shipping. Since we do every step of your book's production in house, from printing to binding, our production turnaround time is only 4-6 business days: much quicker than your typical photo book company. If you need a rush order we can definitely try to work within your schedule, just send us an email at

What is the correct resolution for photos in my book?
The resolution of your photos should be at least 180 dpi minimum and 300 dpi maximum. PNGs should be less than 4000 pixels. Warning: Photos that do not meet these requirements will not print correctly. Please adjust the size and resolution, resave your photo(s) with a different file name and load the new photo(s) into your 'My Folder' on the Bonté site.


Can I use photos from Flickr or Facebook? 
Yes! Our software allows you to import Flickr sets and Facebook albums easily. You will be asked to allow access to both accounts for the integration to work. You can also upload photos directly from your computer. 


How do I know if my photos are the correct resolution?
If a photo has a yellow warning (!) icon over it when you load it into your book template, it is below our recommended print quality and needs to be adjusted. If this picture was not created at 180 dpi resolution, please resave the photo at a higher resolution and replace the old one with it. If this image cannot be recreated, the best way to make the picture print at a higher quality is to reduce the size of the image.

What types of cover options and book sizes are available?
Bonté Books offers a variety of the most popular book sizes and durable (but very attractive and colorful!) cover options. To learn more about how Bonté Books are different, click here.


What are the system requirements for creating a book?
Make sure your browser is updated to either Firefox or Internet Explorer, version 7 or 8.

Can I send you content that has nudity?
That's a tricky question, so we'll give you a tricky answer - yes and no. As a basic rule of thumb, we will not print anything that is offensive or pornographic in nature.

What forms of payment does Bonté accept?
We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. It's important to remember that your credit card charge will appear as Wert Bookbinding Inc. which is the name of our professional bookbinding business. 

Can I cancel my order?
Unfortunately no. The Bonté system is highly automated to ensure you receive your book as quickly as possible. So as soon as you order your book, it appears in our print queue and the printing process begins. Moral of the story: Make sure you're completely happy with your layout and photos before completing your order.